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Bear and WordPress have teamed up to make publishing even easier. With both Bear and WordPress installed on your iPad or iPhone, you can publish your notes directly from Bear to your WordPress website. This works for both self hosted and hosted websites. In fact, this article was published from a Bear note.

Bear is a beautiful, flexible writing app for crafting notes and prose.

How to publish your Bear notes to your WordPress website.

First, make sure you have both Bear and WordPress apps installed on your iPhone, iPad or Mac.

Then from within your note in the Bear app:

  • In Bear, tap the share sheet at the top right of a note
  • Tap WordPress in the top row of options (learn how to enable app extensions on iOS )
  • The WordPress app will open. If you have multiple blogs, a screen will appear so you can pick one as your post’s destination
  • A draft screen will appear with your post filled in, complete with proper formatting of all headings, links, text styles, lists, and even photos
    Note: To give your blog post a title, make sure your Bear note begins with an H1 header tag.

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