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Managed WordPress
We aim to make having a WordPress website easy and fun. So we do all the fiddly bits for you. We take care of everything. You’ll never have to see a server control panel, update software, or plugins again.

Why name it Phraqtal?

Because fractals are some of my favorite things.

And the proper spelling was already taken as a domain. Hence the phunky spelling.

Snowflakes, lightning, rivers, flowers, seashells, trees, coastlines, and crystals.

WordPress Keyboard Shortcuts

Shift + Alt + H That's the one to know. Why? Because it brings up the help menu with ALL of the keyboard shortcuts. So when you are editing a post, or a page, just tap Shift + Alt + H and the list of shortcuts will be displayed.

Publish Bear notes to WordPress

Bear and WordPress have teamed up to make publishing even easier. With both Bear and WordPress installed on your iPad or iPhone, you can publish your notes directly from Bear to your WordPress website. This works for both self hosted and hosted websites.

A Now and Future Online Presence

You've seen the same jargon on every web design agency website. SEO, ROI, Responsive, Mobile Ready, Social Media, etc, etc. That's the bare minimum you should be expecting from your online presence. Nothing stays the same.

Essence Design

We believe in the philosophy that, "Design isn't just how it looks, it's also how it works".

As action-centric designers we use creativity and emotion to generate a contemporary Internet presence that utilizes state-of-the-art technologies.

First Impressions Matter


Often times your website is the first impression someone has of your company. And since first impressions last the longest, it is vital to make sure your Internet presence displays your business at its best.

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